Nøsted & AS is exclusive manufacturer for Slingmax products in Scandinavia. A high end range of rigging solutions featuring their Twin-Path fibre sling; low eight, extreme braking load.

Slingmax ® is a documented world leader in the development of rigging products such as synthetic straps and synthetic strap accessories. Nøsted & produces high-capacity fiber straps from Slingmax. We tailor-sew straps according to the customer’s needs, perform re-certification and repairs.

  • The sling capacity is calculated equal to the associated components – No minimum bending radius.
  • Retains its strength even after 50,000 cycles at 150% workload capacity.
  • A Twin-Path® with K-Spec® fiber core has an elongation of less than 1%, the same as steel rope straps
  • Straps with K-Spec® fiber weigh only 10-15% of the weight of chains or wire ropes with the same strength and approx. 30% by weight of polyester straps with the same strength.
  • 2 separate pockets that divide the core of the 50/50 fiber yarn. An undamaged pocket carries the entire load with a safety factor.
  • Separate red inner protective sleeve for quick and easy damage detection.
  • Check-Fast system®
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