IGLAND - A world-famous trademark for quality equipment for agricultural tractors. The Igland portfolio covers forestry winches and timber trailers, equipment for snow removal, lifting and road maintenance.

IGLAND has been a leader in efficient operating technology for agricultural tractors for over 70 years and the IGLAND winch is a well-known brand worldwide. IGLAND has since the beginning been best known for forest winches and timber trailers but has also developed new products in snow removal, lifting and road maintenance.

IGLAND products are exported to large parts of Europe, Africa, South America, the United States, and Canada. Since 2001 been part of Nøsted AS.

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IGLAND has a wide selection of forest winches for trunk clearing and transport of timber in the forest. All winches are adapted to the agricultural tractor's original three-point hitch.
IGLAND forest winch is a well-known work tool for the forest farmer who runs versatile forest and wood production.
The IGLAND winch is based on long experience, ever since the 1950s and has built itself up to become a sought-after work tool.
IGLAND has customers all over the world and we work continuously to fulfill the requirements and wishes of our customers. The winches are available in many sizes and models.
You can find the right Igland winch for your needs in the forest.

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Igland was established by Per Igland in 1947. Per grew up in the municipality of Grimstad and had a genuine interest and talent for technical products. At the age of 26, he established his first company, an aluminum foundry that produced complete wheels and wheelsets. In the 1950s, production was changed from wheels to pressing steel rims. While working on this, he also worked on constructing potato harvesters.

In 1952 he introduced a universal winch intended for farming and in the time that followed he developed puffin winches, puffin pans, loading booms, and timber donations. In 1960 the launch of the 3000 series elevated the company to new levels. In the years that followed, Per Igland developed more and more modern winches. From the 90s until today, Igland has expanded the product range to timber trailers, cranes, wood equipment, lifting equipment, and snow removal equipment. At the turn of the millennium, the Iglandfamily sold the company to the Nøsted group, today Nøsted & AS.